Data Potential was founded on the principal that information can be, and should be, actionable. The team at Data Potential understands that databases are growing with company, market, and consumer information faster than analytic solutions are put in place to act on them. We strive to help our partners understand what meaningful information they have, and how to convert it into business action. To make all of this happen, Data Potential employs analytical, technical, and operational experts that all work together. The results are effective customized business solutions that work for you.

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Data Potential understands the importance of data representation. Our work aims to match the identity of the companies we work with while keeping it easy to understand.

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Every company has different procedures, markets, and challenges. Data Potential provides flexible and unique analytical solutions for clients.

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Ondrej Libiger, PhD
Ondrej Libiger, PhDAdvisory Board
Ondrej is an active researcher in the fields of biostatistics and computational biology. Ondrej has co-authored 45 peer-reviewed scientific publications with more than 1700 citations. Currently, Ondrej serves as VP of Research and Analytics at MD Revolution, a chronic care management company. His team’s role is to analyze patient data in order to increase patient engagement, improve health outcomes and lower healthcare costs. Ondrej holds a M.S. in Computer Science and a Ph.D. in Computational biology.

Paul Coyne
Paul CoyneAdvisory Board
Paul brings more than 25 years of enterprise information technology experience to Data Potential. With an early career as a software engineer, he has grown up in the industry and developed his leadership through a broad range of roles in software development, network management, support, implementations, product management and operations. Before joining Data Potential, Paul had leadership roles in both sales and service for network and software infrastructure teams in start-up environments, Healthcare IT, the oil and gas sector, the public sector and other high tech organizations where he led the company to significant cost savings with IT solutions.  Paul has a B.S. in Computer Science from State University of New York at Albany.
Matt Matolcsi, PhD
Matt Matolcsi, PhDPrincipal Consultant
Matt has over 15 years of experience deploying Linux systems to production. He has a longstanding and deep interest in understanding systems at all levels that has led naturally to a career as a data scientist (currently at MD Revolution, a healthcare technology startup in San Diego, CA). Matt holds a BS in Physics from UCLA, and an MS and PhD in Physics from Purdue University, alongside numerous courses in statistics, programming and data science.
Argus Athanas
Argus AthanasPrincipal Consultant
Argus has worked as an informaticist and data scientist in a wide variety of industries including healthcare, tech, consulting, and consumer goods. He specializes in statistical machine learning, data visualization, and knowledge representation. Argus holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, and a B.S. in Business Management from Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Biomedical Informatics from UCSD. 
Adam Bailey
Adam BaileyManaging Partner
Adam began his career performing financial analysis and modeling for several hedge funds and one private equity fund at Kayne Anderson Capital Advisers and Clearwater Capital. Most recently, he has been pairing data science and financial analysis for a healthcare technology startup, MD Revolution. Adam holds a B.A. in Economics and Philosophy from the University of Virginia.
Ross Caleca
Ross CalecaManaging Partner
Ross has over six years of experience in operations and management, focused on operational efficiencies and standardizations. He has worked with a healthcare technology startup, MD Revolution, in San Diego, CA as their Director of Operations focused on business enablement solutions, and was previously with CEP America. Ross holds a B.S. in Biology from the UCSD, and a MBA from the Rady School of Management at UCSD.

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